Athletic Mouthguards: Protect Your Smile from Harm with Gentle Dental Care

June 13, 2014

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Shutterstock Mouth Guard Athletic BaseballSummer is in full swing, and many families across the country are heading outdoors to enjoy the season playing sports and other recreational events. While helmets, pads, and other protective sports equipment seem like obvious necessities, there’s one more piece of athletic gear you need to make sure you’re not forgetting: your athletic mouthguard. At Gentle Dental Care in Tyler, TX, Dr. Keith O. Gerber and his team want to keep your family’s smiles safe this summer with customized general dentistry solutions, including athletic mouthguards.

The Importance of Custom Athletic Mouthguards

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries, dental injuries are among the most common sports-related injuries in children participating in sports activities. The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that more than 200,000 dental and orofacial injuries are prevented each year using custom athletic mouthguards, saving families hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

A custom athletic mouthguard helps to protect the teeth, gums, tongue, and other soft tissues of the mouth from injury in physically strenuous activity. In many cases, the use of a mouthguard can even prevent or decrease the severity of an injury to the jaw, head, and neck. Players of the following sports are strongly encouraged to wear a custom athletic mouthguard:

  • Football and soccer
  • Field hockey and ice hockey
  • Lacrosse, rugby, and water polo
  • Basketball
  • Baseball and softball
  • Gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts
  • Weightlifting
  • Equestrian events

Schedule Your Visit Today

If you or your children play sports and you aren’t currently protected by a custom athletic mouthguard, we invite you to contact us today. Our office in Tyler, TX happily serves families from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Lindale, Bullard, Flint, Whitehouse, and beyond. We look forward to helping you keep your smile looking and feeling its best with our extensive array of personalized general and preventive dentistry services. 

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