The Root of the Problem: Dispelling Root Canal Myths

September 20, 2014

178418514When you think of a root canal, the words “painful” and “expensive” may come to mind. However, in the long run, root canal procedures may be the least painful and most cost-effective option for treating an infected tooth. Dr. Gerber is the best choice for gentle and effective root canal treatments for patients in Tyler, TX and surrounding communities.

Root Canals Step by Step

Tooth infections are caused by harmful bacteria that have found their way inside the tooth. If you have an infected tooth causing severe pain and discomfort, you have two options to relieve the pain. You can either have the entire tooth removed, or you can have a root canal. A root canal is used to save an infected or decayed tooth. During root canal procedures, the root of the tooth is not actually removed. The simple procedure starts with your dentist removing the infected pulp inside the tooth. The dentist then cleans out all contaminants. Finally, the tooth is sealed to prevent further infection. Removing the damaged tissue inside the tooth relieves the pain, and the root of the tooth stays in place as the anchor mechanism for your natural tooth to your jaw bone.

The Alternative to a Root Canal

The other option is to have the infected tooth completely extracted, roots and all. While this may seem like the better solution, it typically isn’t. Removing your natural teeth is more expensive than a root canal when you factor in the costs of replacing the missing tooth with bridges or implants. These procedures also require longer healing times. Saving your natural tooth with a root canal also allows you to continue to eat the foods you love, whereas the sensitive areas left behind by extracted teeth may prevent you from enjoying certain foods.

Contact Dr. Gerber to Explore the Root Canal Option

It is also possible to have a tooth that needs a root canal without experiencing any pain or discomfort. However, the longer you wait to treat an infected tooth, the more you limit your treatment options. Most teeth treated by a root canal procedure will last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and maintenance. Many variables can dictate the time it takes to complete root canal procedures, so it’s important to see a dentist early and often for the best possible and least painful outcomes. If you suspect that you have an infected tooth, you should contact Dr. Gerber today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Gerber proudly serves Tyler, TX and surrounding communities including Flint, Kilgore, Whitehouse, Athens, Bullard, Lindale, Longview and Henderson.

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