Comfortable Sedation Dentistry in Tyler, TX

April 7, 2015

Going to the dentist can strike fear into the hearts of some patients. Dealing with the utensils and tools and watching the dentist work on teeth just makes some people shiver in place. Of course, if going to the dentist is a terrifying idea to you, then spending time in an examination chair during a checkup is probably not your ideal way to spend an hour or two. General Dental Care in Tyler, TX understands these concerns and offers a way to visit the dentist without having to worry or feel scared: sedation dentistry.

Feel Comfortable During Your Visit

Sedation dentistry is designed to take away the anxiety of dentistry for those who avoid the dentist’s office like the plague. We understand that some of the procedures that must be performed can seem scary, especially if it involves strange or unfamiliar tools. We also understand that it may feel uncomfortable having your teeth cleaned. Our sedation dentistry is the simple, straightforward solution to your oral anxiety. We have various treatments that can put you under while we perform our procedures. You can relax comfortably – and potentially asleep – while we conduct our work.

Types of Sedation

sedation dentistryWe offer several types of sedation to accommodate any type of anxiety or fear. Whether you feel a slight bit of stress or full-on panic, we have a treatment to make you comfortable during your appointment. We offer the following:

  • Inhaled Sedation: We will put a small mask over your nose and let some nitrous oxide flow into it. As you breathe it in, you will become very calm and relaxed. This is the only type of sedation where you may be able to drive home after the procedure.
  • Oral Sedation: For this type of sedation, we will provide a prescription pill to take before you arrive for your appointment. The pill will make you very drowsy and you may even fall asleep.
  • IV Sedation: We will let a sedative drug drop into your bloodstream, via a vein. You will fall asleep very quickly, and when you wake, the procedure will be over.
  • Deep Sedation: If you feel absolute terror at the dentist’s office, this is the most powerful sedation offered. We will supply a pill that will knock you out throughout the entire procedure.

Get the Smile You Want Without the Anxiety

Our sedation treatments will make any anxiety or fear disappear while you visit our office. We will make sure the procedures go perfectly, while you calmly sit or sleep in the examination chair. Call or email us today, ask about our sedation treatments, and schedule your appointment. We welcome everyone in Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse, Flint, Bullard, and all of the nearby East Texas communities.

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