Treating Bruxism with a Custom-Made Nightguard

September 30, 2013

bruxismWith the fast pace of today’s world, it’s no wonder many feel stressed out. But stress won’t just affect your overall wellbeing; it can also have an impact on your oral wellbeing too. Patients who struggle with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, do so as a response to stress. What’s more, it’s most common for bruxism patients to grind their teeth while asleep, when it’s impossible to consciously stop.

Thankfully, your Tyler dentist can provide effective therapy with a nightguard. A custom-made nightguard will alleviate the pressure from teeth grinding. A nightguard can also help patients who are at risk of TMJ disorder because of teeth grinding. If left untreated, bruxism can lead to TMJ disorder, in addition to causing chronic headaches, and pain the patient’s jaw, neck, shoulders, and back.

How can you know if you’re struggling with teeth grinding? That’s something that can be diagnosed during a regular checkup. Your Tyler dentist will look for signs of wear and tear during your next oral exam. Those uncomfortable symptoms we’ve just mentioned may also point to a problem.

Are you concerned that you might have bruxism? Call your Tyler dentist for a consultation. If we find signs of bruxism, we can talk to you about treating it with a custom-made nightguard.

Relief from uncomfortably symptoms can finally be yours!

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