Tyler, TX dentist, Dr. Keith Gerber is gentle with kids

January 1, 2016

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https://www.dentisttylertexas.com/blog/tyler-tx-dentist-dr-keith-gerber-is-gentle-with-kids/Tyler, TX dentist, Dr. Keith Gerber, delivers gentle, complete dental care for kids. Beginning at age 3, youngsters enjoy comfortable exams and cleanings.

What are the best qualities in a children’s dentist? Excellent skills and a gentle manner would top the list. Find both in Tyler, TX dentist, Dr. Keith Gerber.

Highly credentialed Tyler, TX dentist, Dr. Keith Gerber of Gentle Dental Care, offers patients of all ages the skill and precision of a well-educated and experienced practitioner. Also, he values a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and pain-free exams and treatments–perfect for even the littlest of patients.

How should a dentist treat kids?

Dr. Gerber doesn’t look at his young patients as miniature adults. Rather, he understands their special needs. It’s a matter of developing trust and creating a kid-friendly environment as well.

The team at Gentle Dental Care makes each dental visit relaxed and fun. Dr. Gerber likes seeing children by the age of 3. He takes plenty of time with his little patients, explaining what he is doing as he performs his comprehensive oral exams. The friendly hygienists do the same as they clean, polish and count young teeth.

What do pediatric dental exams include?

All pediatric dental exams include:

  • visual inspection for dental decay
  • assessment of how teeth align and bite together
  • inspection of teeth already erupted and soon to erupt
  • age-appropriate instruction on brushing, flossing and diet
  • identification of potential bite problems
  • digital x-rays when appropriate

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get an orthodontic evaluation by age 7 to identify potential bite and jaw structure problems. Early treatment of orthodontic issues often prevents more complex procedures later on. Dr. Gerber concurs with this philosophy.

For a child involved in athletics, Dr. Gerber may recommend use of a custom-fabricated mouthguard. Made from BPA-free acrylic, these protective appliances avoid fractures, chips, tooth avulsion and soft tissue injuries common to sports.

In addition, Dr. Gerber likes to put plastic sealants on young molars. Applied as a varnish to the grooved surfaces of back teeth, sealants protect teeth from decay. Gentle Dental Care also provides in-office fluoride treatments to reduce the chances of developing cavities. Both services boost long-term dental health, in addition to twice daily brushing (supervised by mom and dad), flossing and a diet low in refined sugar.

Come for a visit

Dr. Gerber and his staff will welcome you and your child with a smile and a friendly manner. Consider 6-month exams and cleanings as basic to your child’s overall health and well-being. Also, never hesitate to call the office with any questions or immediate concerns. Contact Gentle Dental Care to set-up routine appointments for you and your family today.

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