When Is It Time For My Wisdom Teeth To Come Out?

July 29, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-475642523Imagine you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair and you hear the bad news: you need your wisdom teeth removed. Immediately you’re sent back to grade school where all the other kids had their wisdom teeth yanked and the horror stories followed. Maybe you heard about not being able to eat solid food for a certain amount of time, or the immense pain that’s experienced post-surgery. While this is true, there’s no denying the fact that if wisdom teeth are causing adverse effects on your smile, they need to come out. Sorry, that’s just how it works. You see, wisdom teeth are a lot like bullies: they take what they want and don’t care what you think. Once they break through your gums, it’s game over. Though they can still be removed once they’ve broken through, the pain is much more intense and healing times may be extended. The only way you’ll know if your wisdom teeth are causing problems or may cause future issues, is to see Dr. Keith Gerber for an appointment. He’s the Gentle Dentist Tyler, TX residents can count on for proper wisdom teeth removal. Our office in Tyler is ready, are you?

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Such A Big Deal?

Once you realize the problems they can cause your smile, they’ll soon become a very big deal. They’re the third set of molars located in the back of your mouth. Between the ages of 17 and 25 is when you’ll notice them start to break through. X-rays can easily spot them. In some very rare cases, some patients may not experience any wisdom teeth that break through; they’ll just sit there and lie dormant forever. Not all of us are that lucky, though.

When Is It Time To Have Them Removed?

There are several reasons why patients and dentists want wisdom teeth out of the mouth:

  • Being in the back of the mouth, they’re more susceptible to becoming trapped in the gums and jawbone leading to an excruciating experience.
  • They often don’t come in at a normal angle. When they press against your teeth, the whole system is thrown off.
  • Your mouth can’t handle the extra space. Who has room for extra molars?
  • You’re experiencing additional dental problems like gum disease or cavities.

Remember: just because you have wisdom teeth doesn’t necessarily mean they need to come out. When you visit our office, we’ll be able to inspect your mouth and decide whether or not wisdom-teeth removal is a viable option.

Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Gerber

The only way to know if your wisdom teeth need to jettison is by speaking with Dr. Gerber first. He’ll assess your situation and decide on the appropriate course of action. For quality tooth extractions, Tyler, TX residents can turn to Dr. Gerber and our awesome staff. We’re proud to serve the surrounding communities of Stonegate, Bascom, Chapel Hill and beyond.

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