Xylitol and Your Smile

October 18, 2013

xylitolRight now, Halloween is about two weeks away. That means an abundance of candy and other treats. And Halloween is just the beginning of all that. From now until the end of the year, there won’t be any shortage of holiday goodies to enjoy.

Those holiday goodies are packed with sugar, though, which contributes to weight gain but also makes you more vulnerable to cavities. That’s why our whole team at Gentle Dental Care in Tyler want to suggest that patients opt for an alternative to sugar this year—xylitol.

This natural sweetener is derived from the fibers of plants, and it has a similar sweetness to sugar. But what makes it different, aside from having fewer calories, is the way it interacts with your teeth.

When sugar comes into contact with bacteria, acid is created, causing decay and cavities. But xylitol doesn’t trigger this same reaction. After consuming it, the mouth pH’s levels don’t become more acidic, they become more neutral. In that environment, harmful bacteria have a harder time clinging to teeth, resulting in better oral health. That’s why some toothpaste brands will include xylitol as the primary cavity-fighting ingredient, and it’s why you should make the switch to xylitol treats this holiday season.

To learn more about xylitol, visit xylitol.org to read more. And to schedule a visit with our Tyler dental team, give us a call. We serve patients from Tyler, Whitehouse, Bullard, Lindale, and Flint.

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