Professional Dental Hygiene and Preventive Dental Care

Regular dental hygiene visits, combined with attentive home care, will keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright year to year. A clean and healthy mouth improves your personal appearance and self- confidence, helps you keep your natural teeth longer, gives you clean fresh breath, and helps maintain your good general health. Our talented dental hygienists focus upon helping you prevent and treat gum disease and tooth decay. This includes professionally ‘scaling and polishing' your teeth. The dental hygienist can also show you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque (a sticky coating that forms constantly on your teeth). If plaque is not brushed away properly, it can harden to form tartar, which cannot be removed without a professional dental cleaning. They can also give you advice on healthy dental diets and preventing future dental decay. These highly qualified dental hygienists work alongside your trusted dentist to give you personalized care that is custom tailored to your dental needs and concerns.

Why Is Dental Hygiene Care So Important?

Your dental hygienists carefully remove the hard deposits of tartar that build up on the teeth and teach you how to prevent them from coming back. This treatment goes a long way towards slowing the progress of gum disease and tooth decay. A growing body of research finds that gum disease is linked to many other problems, and may systematically jeopardize your overall good health. Researchers have identified several connections between poor oral health and other serious health problems including:

What to Expect During Your Dental Hygiene Appointment

Smile Confidently with Dental Hygiene Appointments

Regular dental hygiene appointments can help you minimize the effects of dangerous plaque and tarter deposits. They can also help you prevent costly dental repairs and restorative procedures in the future. Make your dental hygiene appointment with Dr. Gerber, your trusted dentist, and his experienced team of dental hygienists today. Dr. Gerber proudly serves patients of all ages throughout Tyler, TX, Whitehouse, Flint, Bullard, Lindale, and the surrounding areas.

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