Teeth Grinding Relief with Custom Nightguards

Are you suffering from nightly teeth grinding? Studies show that over 30% of Americans are nightly teeth grinders, and half of them have a condition so damaging that it requires treatment. Nightly teeth grinding (Bruxism) will wear down the surface of your tooth, exposing the soft dentin beneath the enamel, causing pain, sensitivity, and vulnerability to decay. Bruxism patients may also experience: chipped teeth, tooth flattening, cracked tooth enamel, loose or broken fillings, tooth loss, and gum recession. Luckily, Dr. Gerber offers a Tyler Bruxism treatment solution that can help prevent the devastating oral damage caused by nightly teeth grinding. Your Bruxism can be effectively treated to avoid permanent tooth damage.

What Causes Bruxism?

The exact cause of Bruxism is unknown; however, teeth grinding typically accompanies increased stress and anxiety, other sleep disorders, abnormal bites, and other malocclusion issues. The most common symptoms of teeth grinding include:

Does Your Child Have Bruxism?

Teeth grinding is also common in young children. But because their teeth and jaws grow and develop so quickly, their teeth grinding issues usually subside by adolescence. However, treatment may still be required to protect their teeth in the intervening period. While adult Bruxism is most often the result of stress, the same is not always true for childhood Bruxism. The possible causes of teeth grinding in children include:

How Do Nightguards Treat Bruxism?

To stop the damaging effects of nightly teeth grinding, Dr. Gerber offers fast and effective treatment with custom fabricated Nightguards for Bruxism. Custom nightguards protect your teeth by reducing the muscle activity associated with Bruxism. They are specially designed to prevent inadvertent tooth movement during sleep. Nightguard treatment for Bruxism is a non invasive option that eliminates grinding noise and protects your teeth from premature wear without any adverse effects. Schedule the Bruxism treatment consultation you need with Dr. Gerber today to stop teeth grinding and protect your dental health.

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