Prevent & Treat Gum Disease with Periodontal Therapy

Do You Have Swollen or Bleeding Gums?

Gum sensitivity and bleeding after brushing and flossing is not normal. They are signs of a gum infection known as Gingivitis. Gingivitis is early stage gum disease, caused by inflammation of the gums from plaque buildup at the gum-line. If this plaque is allowed to buildup, it can produce toxins that irritate the gum tissue. At this stage, gum disease damage can still be reversed because there has been no damage to the bone and connective tissues that hold your teeth in place. If Gingivitis is left untreated, it will advance into the Periodontitis stage. With periodontitis, the supporting bone and fibers that hold your teeth together are irrevocably damaged. Deep pockets may begin to form below your gum-line, trapping food and plaque, leading to a cycle of inflammation and infection. When periodontitis is allowed to progress, the fibers and bone supporting your teeth are completely destroyed, causing tooth loss. Visit Dr. Gerber, your Tyler, TX dentist, to stop gum disease in its tracks today.

What is Periodontal Therapy?

Although the earliest stages of gum disease can be reversed with proper brushing and flossing, a professional dental cleaning is the only way to remove plaque buildup that has hardened into harmful tartar. During a professional dental cleaning, your Tyler dentist will "scale" your teeth to completely remove tartar above and below the gum-line. If your gum disease has developed further, a root planing procedure may also need to be performed. Root planing can help smooth irregularities on the roots of your teeth, making it difficult for plaque to remain there.

Do You Need Periodontal Therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should make an immediate appointment with your dentist for periodontal therapy:

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Gum disease can quickly progress to affect the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. Bacteria supported by gum disease can also spread to other parts of the body. Many medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and premature birth, have been linked to untreated gum disease. Don’t let gum disease steal your healthy smile. Make your periodontal therapy appointment with Dr. Gerber, your trusted family dentist, and his highly qualified team of dental hygienists today. Gentle Dental Care proudly serves families throughout Tyler, TX, Whitehouse, Flint, Bullard, Lindale, and the surrounding areas.

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