Relax with Sedation Dentistry in Tyler

Anxiety-Free Dental Care with Oral Sedation

Tyler dentist Dr. Keith Gerber understands that dental anxiety can keep patients from seeking the treatments they need to maintain healthy smiles, and he’s all about helping people keep their smiles healthy! That’s why he wants to help you overcome your dental anxiety by providing oral sedation at Gentle Dental Care. Oral sedation is a safe, effective way to counteract dental fears, relaxing and calming your mind to make dental appointments a breeze.

We Can Provide Anxiety-Free Dental Care With Oral Sedation and a Gentle Touch

With sedation dentistry, you simply take one or two oral sedative pills about an hour before your appointment. You don’t actually sleep during your treatment, but the sedative allows you to become much more relaxed. Oral sedation is designed to induce the greatest relaxation possible while still leaving you conscious. Still, some patients report that when they’ve received care with the help of oral sedation, they can’t remember a thing afterward! Once you’re able to relax, we can perform the treatments you need to keep your smile looking and feeling healthy and beautiful.

If you’re in Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse, Flint, Bullard, or nearby East Texas communities and are suffering from dental anxiety, contact Gentle Dental Care om Tyler and let us help you with sedation dentistry. Of course, our gentle chairside manner will also help calm your fears and make you feel at home in our office. We invite you to experience anxiety-free dental care with us!

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