Tooth Replacement Options in Tyler

According to research, as much as 69% of American adults between 35 and 44 are missing at least one tooth, and 26% age74 or older are missing all of their teeth. Tooth replacement is a common dental care procedure that most people need at some point during their lives. Dr. Keith Gerber of Gentle Dental Care in Tyler, Texas offers various tooth replacement options including fixed bridge, dentures, and partial dentures to help you rediscover your complete smile when missing teeth have caused damage.

Non-Removable Fixed Bridges

For patients in Tyler and nearby East Texas communities interested in fixed bridges, Gentle Dental Care can deliver amazing results. We can have a beautiful fixed bridge crafted just for you in a dental lab and placed at our Tyler, Texas dental office. This non-removable tooth replacement option can allow you to once again speak and eat normally, and erase the embarrassment you feel about your incomplete smile.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you’re interested in affordable, removable dentures or partial dentures, Dr. Gerber offers these as well. This form of tooth replacement is often employed if you’ve lost all of your teeth along an arch. Dentures are replacement teeth embedded in a soft tissue-colored base crafted to look like your gums. Partial dentures are used when some teeth remain, and these dental prosthetics grasp onto your natural teeth.

Dr. Gerber is also able to restore dental implants at our Tyler, Texas dental office, and we highly recommend this form of tooth replacement. Not sure which form of tooth replacement would be best for you? We can help? Contact us today for an appointment with Dr. Gerber to discuss your oral health and the right tooth replacement for you. Patients from all over East Texas including Whitehouse, Bullard, Lindale, and Flint are always welcome at Gentle Dental Care in Tyler.

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